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hello there, i need your help. i create road where i want to use high detailed texture, which will be done in photoshop with many details. so, to get special size texture for editing in photoshoo, i need to create unique texture is sketchup. (make texture unique) but when i trie this way, texture loses quality. any suggestion? how to resolve this problem ((

You do NOT need to make a texture unique in order to edit in photoshop. Just make your texture and import it. No other steps at all required.

no, i need it!!! it is different moment, i need to use this function sketchup has but i have not idea what problem or bug is this.

There’s no bug. When you make a unique texture, the texture’s size is limited by the dimensions of the face the texture is applied to.

Maybe you’d do better to export the original texture image and import it as a new texture instead of using the Unique Texture feature.

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SketchUp has an upper limit to texture size of 1024 x 1024 pixels. This can be increased to 2048 x 2048 or perhaps even 4096 x 4096 pixels by checking the “Use maximum texture size” box in the preferences. The actual maximum size depends on your graphics card. Everything bigger SketchUp automatically reduces to these limits, and the scaling may produce ugly artifacts. That is why it is best to do your texture scaling yourself in Photoshop or other image editor prior to using the image as a texture in SketchUp.

Your example image looks like something that could be made into a seamless tile, and still would look the same.

Can you give a link to an image online, that is typical of what you’re trying to get?

here is texture i use for face to create it unique texture. size is 2048 x 2048
i just want to create texture unique to use it for what i want, i want to edit it in photoshop and add more effects like real ashpalt texture. may it be my graphic cards foult?

Your image is already a seamless tile, if you edit it you may ruin that. The image was man made too, there are already repeating elements in there.

You could get away with a smaller tile, here is a 1024x1024 version of your one:

My version isn’t any less detail, it’s just a smaller area that repeats, and it would take 1/4 of the amount of texture memory than yours. To make that tile I used this web site:

With that site you could take a 1024x1024 (or higher if you have to) image, that is as crazy as you like, and the site will make it be a seamless tile, that could fill a large face in SketchUp.

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I’m sure you didn’t. Colorizing it won’t affect that. I was responding to this part:

“I want to edit it in photoshop and add more effects like real asphalt texture”

That sounded more than just changing the tint.

i think i did not explain very well what i want. tomorrow i will post scenes and will try to explain my aim. im not interesting with seamless texture, no. tomorrow ill post.

I will look forward to that. In the meantime, you could create the final image in Photoshop without involving SketchUp, then import that file as an image, scale it to be the real world size, and then explode it. That should give you a unique texture that is the right size, and still good quality.

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i did not try this way yet. tomorrow ill do and post here, how it works. thanks.

there are 3 image.
1 and 2images: what about i work
3 image: what kind of unique texture i want to get to edit in photoshop… to ad cracks, dirty asphalts, Sewn asphalts, sand on edges and etc. thats why i wanted to create unique texture and note seamless as some people thought. i love to create detailed arts and i am not begginer. thank you.
(on 3rd image texture is unique for test. but it has low quality after i made it unique)
@colin also i tried your suggestion my friend but it did not work again. every time i want to make texture unique it loses quality. :((

You could slice the road geometry into several pieces and apply a high resolution texture (2K, 4K) to each one.
Create your texture the way you want, and then slice it into pieces that match the tiles geometry and save them as 2K texture files (or 4K if you want).

But read this:

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