Make unique texture becomes blur


when i try to make texture unique ( make unique texture) it becomes blur? why and how resolve this problem?

Make unique texture
Make unique texture

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Why do you make it unique?

Make unique texture

:grinning: to make unique texture in my model (edited version)


when i try to make texture unique ( make unique texture) it becomes blur? why and how resolve this problem?


Actually I have a similar question on the same lines. I don’t have the problem of it becoming a blur yet When I try to use unique texture to edit old dae (ones with a different texture then the one I want) I cant seem to get unique texture to appear until I either drag up make photo do something that gets a photo into a blue box under the icons. Then I can actually use it for everything, Is there a better way? All I want to do is:
Take a previously created Dae (my own that I created and have soure materals for) and re texture it for Second life. (removing copyrighted and trademarked names logos etc)
And I want to take a picture of say a crate in an ad and make it 3d via make photo. I tryed one that had a top down view and that failed…


I think I don’t understand the usage of “make unique textures” here, can you describe the workflow a bit more?


Funny thing is when I went to make a video to show you want I meant it worked how I wanted it to. Load model via import. Click explode on gray area. Click make unique texture. Click texture which reveals Edit texture image. This opens PSP 12 and when I am done, image is now on the face I want it.
save (occasionally crashes. I believe this has to do with the extensions I loaded. You all need to do native obj, and fbx import on make and stl export) . So I guess the problem is me leading how to work sketchup not a problem inherent with Sketchup.
yes, I am emptyting it of all the extensions I dont use. (almost all because I still have the autodesk fbx converter 2012).
Finally, thoiugh when I do photo match, and the image is a top down shot (which would show the roof) the orgin point gets all crazy and spagettifies the dude (i have old guy holding the book). Haven’t got one of those to work yet. So thanks.


I don’t think photomatch is meant for those kind of photos…