Making Unique Texture - WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

Is there any solution for this sketchup glitch? It happens right after I make the texture unique

How should it look like? With what purpose do you use “make unique texture” here?

I guess the problem is: after doing the make unique, the texture coordinates get messed up and you get a different skewed and cropped texture.That happens sometimes to me as well. There is a trick to ‘fix’ this but I forgot how to exactly. Maybe one of the sages knows?

Ok sorry for the looooong hiatus, but I think I mightve found out a solution for this.

The main problem this happens is because of a glitch caused by Sketchup.

My Solution?

Make another copy of the face with the texture, copy if along the axis perpendicular to it, rasterize it. That should solve the problem.