Odd issue with 'Make Unique Texture' feature

I have been having this odd issue with the Make Unique Texture feature in some of my models where I have drawn a rectangle within a textured face in order to capture a certain part of it and ended up with the image within the rectangle distored and discoloured as displayed below. This doesn’t happen all the time so I’m curious as to how I can fix it.

Have you done something to manipulate the original texture first?

Only increasing its brightness and contrast in GIMP, which I assume would have no effect in SketchUp and hasn’t done when I have been working with images previously and not encountered this issue.

Can you share the model file?

Image Texture Issue.skp (1.1 MB)

Where did the image come from? Is it from Google Streeview?

Are you just trying to extract the brick texture?

FWIW, I divided the large face into two regions, made the texture on hte right side a unique texture. Then I was able to draw the rectangle on the bricks similar to what you had and make a unique texture from that.

Note that Google’s Terms of Use for Google Maps and Google Earth prohibt the use of their streetview imagery for things like this.

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