Unique Texture Option not available

Been using sketchup for quite sometime now and it’s always had its series of random, frustrating problems. I 3D printed a metal badge and now I need to redesign the backing for my badge. The easiest way for me to do that is to apply a texture of the shape on a rectangle in sketchup so I can trace and extrude it. Normally I’d just hit “Make Unique Texture” and apply my image from Photoshop but that option RANDOMLY isn’t there today and I need to solve this fast since the next print has to be done by the 30th of this month and the printing/tooling process takes about 11-15 days. I right clicked the rectangle in sketchup and its only giving me the option for a photo texture which is freaking stupid because they should have made it where BOTH options are there. Anyways, how can I solve this because I’ve closed everything out, restarted it, and still no “Make Unique Texture” option.

This is also good reading about the forum use: FAQ - SketchUp Community