Make Unique Texture distortion

Recently (after update to V21.0.391) If I attempt to make a texture unique (for placing in multiple locations, or just remove unimportant photo info after manipulating image texture) it often comes out skewed. Sometimes, I can use the function once or twice in a file, then after that it becomes unusable.

I’ve attached to screen shots of texture image before make unique and after. Again, this only happened post update, and has been a common practice for me for years, so I don’t think it’s a technique issue, but who knows.

There is a lot of pattern in this rug, so maybe it’s not the BEST example, and I didn’t have to really make any adjustments in SU before making this one unique, I just didn’t want to take the extra time to crop in PS, but that should make the error even more weird, as no scaling, or deformation of this texture was applied before making unique.

Looks like a graphic issue. You might go to AMD and see if there is a newer driver available.
OR you might try changing the anti ailiasing settings in Preferences>OpenGL. The graphics card indicated in your profile was released in 2013 and is outdated by today’s standards.

Sorry, haven’t changed the machine I’m using in my profile RTX 3070 graphics.

But I will check for update from NVIDIA

Please update your profile. The RTX should handle this. Is your machine a laptop with 2 graphics cards?

No, Laptop is just a backup now. On a desktop machine. Will update, thanks RLGL

Another possibility is settings in the Nvidia control being set wrong. Try working with defaults.

There was a recent update to NVIDIA driver… updated, not the fix I needed. Tried changing Open GL settings, but no go there either. Factory reset on NVIDIA control panel, no dice… Will try a full reboot soon.

It is true that, while from intuition “Make unique texture” should be a CPU-computable task, there have been from time to time issues related to the graphics card, so it seems to actually involve the GPU.

If you 1.) want to make a texture on a face independent from the (same) texture on other faces and 2.) want to “bake” the texture skew into the image file, there is another possibility,
See my extension “Texture Resizer. It uses an external image processing program for resizing. While it is not intended to be a replacement for “Make unique”, a specific combination of options can also achieve this task. You would need to check the options

  • “Resize textures only on selected faces” (= does not modify the material globally but creates a copy for the selected faces)
  • “Percentage: 100%” (no resizing)
  • “Crop textures” (as a consequence, texture is non-repetitive and texture distortion is baked-in)
  • “Rotate if useful” (optimal crop bounding box)

Thanks Aerilius. I’ll give your plug a go on that, and report the error to NVIDIA, and see if they can replicate it as well. After a fresh boot, things seem pretty groovy, but we’ll see what the rest of the eveninb brings.

I have the exact same problem in SU2021. I didn’t experience it in SU2017 Make at all.

My work around:
I make the face a to a component. Then I position the image as needed on the raw face. Now I save the component to my component collection. I open the component in a seperate Sketchup-session and make the texture uniqe. Save it and open my original file and update/reload the face/component.

Tedious but it works.

I connect the problem to the sketchup axis managment manner. I observe that when importing the texture SU tries to let me orient the texture with the paintbucket. Once finnished the image orients to the cardinal axissystem anyway, not the local active group or component axissystem.
Then when I after possitioning/sheare the texture, make the texture uniqe, it ocnce again resets to the cardinal axis system outside the object (group/component) but now also distorted.
The workaround works fine.