Custom Texture

(I am on Sketchup Make and use Windows 10)

So I just found out that you can create your own textures from google photos and other sources. I’ve tried doing this but instead of fitting the space with it, it turns it into boxes of the desired picture and THEN fills the space, is there anyway to get a photo to fill the space without stretching, boxing or tearing the image.

Thank you

Upload the SKP file showing what you are seeing.

If the texture image isn’t at least as large as the surface you are applying it to, it will necessarily be repeated or tiled. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to make sure the image can cover an area at least as large as the surface.

I make a lot of my own woodgrain materials. I use images of whole boards so a texture might be 8 or 12 feet long and as wide as the board. The image won’t be repeated on the face unless the face is wider or longer than the board.

So should I just upload my whole project that I’m having the problem with or just a new one.

Right-click on the face and choose texture. If you have applied it on a group or component, this won’t work, you have to apply it on the face itself by entering the group (edit, a grey bounding box appears) and then import the image again.

You could.

“too big” give me a moment

Untitled.skp (167.8 KB)

Opening now.

I basically want it to fit the size but not distort the image quality

So the rectangle is 7’ 6-5/16" long (along the red axis. You can edit the dimensions of the texture in the Materials window and change its length to 7’ 6-5/16".


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To make sure I am in the right location, under the Texture tab

yep answers it perfectly as always thanks again!


When I create textures from images, I use File>Import and make sure I’ve set the import type to Texture. Then I apply the texture to a rectangle I’ve already drawn of the right size. I click in the lower left corner and drag to the opposite side. This results in the texture being automatically sized correctly.

I will be using that tip alot in my up and coming projects thank ya

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You’re quite welcome. If you want a little demo of how I create textures as above, see the video, here.

i will give that a looksie, so i tried changing the length of the image when on the rectangle, but whenever I set the horizontal length and go to changer the vertical length it changes both of them. Like if i set horizontal to 45’ and then go to set vertical 8’ it changes both vertical AND horizontal to 8’.

99% sure im doing something wrong xD

just figured it out lol i saw the chain link looking image to the right of it… all i had to do was click it

Notice the chain icon between the horizontal and vertical dimensions. If you change one, the other will change proportionally. If you break the chain by clicking on it, you can change the dimensions independently but that will result in distorting the image which you said you didn’t want to do.

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Yes. Cross posted.

But if you change the dimensions independently, you will wind up with a distorted texture

ah gotcha, now I assume there is a way to change the way a image lays on the rectangle. Ex. the grain of the wood is going left to right but I want it to go up and down.