Textures won't render to the correct size


I am having problems with applying my textures. I select the face, resize the texture to cover the whole area required. But when I render it doesn’t show the new size texture, it still shows the original texture and you can see the tile lines.

Why would this happen and what can I do to fix it ?


What renderer are you using? Or are you referring to textures within SketchUp?

Might help if you upload the .SKP file that shows the behavior.

Thanks for the replyies. I am using SU Podium. The textures are not from sketchup, they are just jpegs uploaded from the internet. I have attached a screen shot of how they render.


Sideboard BARE|690x345

It would be easier to help you if you share the skp file.

How did you go about creating the texture? What steps exactly?

You need to adjust the textures in SU, as Podium simply uses what you give it.


Heres the skp file.


Sideboard Sketchup questions.skp (322.6 KB)

Ok. So are you saying that resizing on the individual panels in Sketchup won’t work ?
How do you change them in Podium ? I thought that podium was just the renderer ?
Thanks for the help.

Try this. If it works I can tell you why.
Sideboard Sketchup questions Box.skp (290.3 KB)

On ya Box! LOL Just a little annoying that posts sometime don’t arrive here obviously a fair time after they seem to elsewhere. That skp file was not for me to see until after you did that! But all good.

I’m not sure it works, I just removed the materials that had been added to groups rather than faces.

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No it didn’t work. This is how it rendered. If you have a component or a group, do you have to add the texture to each face individually to make it render correctly ?

Thanks for the help.

Usually that is the case, I didn’t notice you had nested groups.
Try this one, if the doors look right then you should go through and remove any group/component materials and apply to faces.
If this doesn’t work then it is something else.
Sideboard Sketchup questions Box.skp (285.0 KB)

HI Box

That rendered perfectly. So what you are saying is that I have to apply textures to each face of each object before it is a group or component ?

Thanks for the help

No not before, you just need to open them for editing and paint the faces that way. Don’t flood fill a group or component with a material, unless it is just a simple material.
If you select a group and look at Entity info if it is showing a material there that means you have painted the whole thing, adjust the material there back to default.

Thank you, will give that a try with my new models.

It’s mostly important with material that have a texture, like wood, you want the front and back to have the grain running one way then some edges should be an endgrain and so on. If you apply the wood material to the group you can’t control the rotation on the faces.

And as you have found, the render software finds the group texture first.

Right, that makes sense. I tried it on this side table, went into the individual faces and applied the texture, re sized, but it still didn’t render right. I looked at the entity info and it does show a few textures but there is no where that I can see to “set to Default” I am using a Mac so it also makes it a bit more difficult compared to PC. Surely if I explode the model then the faces will be singular ? I did that and then applied the texture, but it didn’t work like the previous model. Any ideas on this one ?

Thanksside table.skp (846.4 KB)

Can you do any of this on the mac.

I can adjust the size of the texture as you can, but the other menus for colours and textures are not the same. Maybe they are there somewhere but I can’t seem to find them. I have made an object that is in the default colour and used the eyedropper to take that colour and apply it to the other models i need to paint. That seems to work.