Rotated Texture isn't rendering as rotated

(Sketchup Pro 2018, Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.6)

I rotated a wood grain texture 90 degrees, but when I render the scene (in SU Podium), the texture renders as if it was never rotated. I can see plainly it was rotated in my Sketchup file. Is this a Sketchup problem, or an SU Podium problem?

Thank you.

I can’t offer anything specific to podium, but check your face orientation and group materials.
It is possible that reversed faces could be the issue, turn on monochrome and make sure you are seeing front faces.
It could also be that you have applied a material to a group/component and also to the faces of the group and the render may be reading the group material rather than the face material.

It would be helpful to see your .skp file.

I think this is the solution. I created a new surface, left it ungrouped, applied the texture, rotated it, and it rendered correctly. Thanks for the tip.

You should be applying textures to faces and not group/component containers, anyway.

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Is it safe to click into a group, then apply a texture to a selected face? Or is it better if I explode the group, then select a face?

no need to explode, editing is enough

As Cotty wrote, edit the group. Really you should find exploding is not used that often.

As Cotty and DaveR say, you should (almost?) never need to explode a group or component just to edit it. But be aware that if you do, any layer or tag applied to the object as a whole will be applied to its raw geometry after you explode it, and you should immediately reassign Layer0 or Untagged to that geometry after you explode.

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