Sketchup Textures

Hi all.

I’ve started adding textures to a model of a kitchen I’m designing, from the sketchup textures club website. They look fine for the most part but it seems I can’t scale any and some I cannot rotate.

Anyone else using these for their work and able to manipulate to them to the desired application?


are you painting faces or applying to the container [group or component]?

it makes a difference…


I’m not familiar with those textures but, you won’t be able to rotate a texture if you have applied it to a group or component instead of the faces inside. You also won’t have the option to rotate it if it’s applied to more than one face with a softened edge between.

If you are trying to resize the texture with the push pins, you won’t be able to do that either unless it’s a single face you’re dealing with.

You could edit the texture’s dimensions in the Materials window, though.

Thanks guys

Yes, I’m applying them to a group with round corners. worktops. Ive managed to rotate some in preview (mac editor) but others come out the same orientation no matter what way I’ve rotated them. Maybe exploding the group would work.

Ive tried scaling in the materials editor window but it makes no difference.

Ive looked at these as they look pretty good and are seamless. Can you suggest another source to look at?

You should be applying materials to faces. And if you have rounded corners, turn on hidden geometry so you can right click on a single face. Then you can rotate the material and change its size with the push pins. There’s nothing wrong with the source image files. I looked at a bunch of them just now and they look good. I wouldn’t use the “fine wood” textures myself but other textures look great.

Thank you Dave. I shall try that method.

I was looking at some fine wood textures for worktops but they are a solid texture and not built up with staves. I could use a flooring texture but my options there are limited.

When I want to create the impression of multiple pieces of wood glued together, I divide the face with lines so I can edit the position of the wood grain image on each face independently of the others. Then I hide the edges between faces. You can see that on shelf of this table.

And also on the parts of these red oak stools.

I make wood grain materials from whole boards. Typically they are 8 to 12 feet long. Often I’ll make between three and six textures from the same log. This allows me to pick different parts of different boards so there’s not a lot of obvious grain repetition as you’d get in those wood images from that site.

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They look very good. Are you photographing your own material for these?

I don’t have the resources to do that but I will follow your advice on dividing my faces and applying texture separately.

Rotation and scaling are now resolved thanks:thumbsup:

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Mostly they are my own photos.

I dislike “seamless” wood textures and have no interest in using them on my models. Trees don’t grow that way. I figure if it needs to be seamless, it should be plastic. :wink:

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