Wood materials - grain direction

I’m a woodworker and use iPad to show cabinetry plans to clients. I’m kinda of a Sketchup noob though.

When I fill a component with a wood material, i would like be able to rotate the grain pattern to be correctly oriented on the board. Is there a way to do this on the iPad?

Are you applying the texture to the component or the faces inside the component?

Sorry, I didn’t know there was a difference :laughing:

Normally you can only change the orientation of textures if they are applied to faces and you context click on a single face.

I don’t know if this is implemented in the iPad version yet but try it. If it works you should see Texture in the menu.

Yes it is, though there’s no “right click” to get there.

Select the face and see the bottom menu options:

From there you get the usual options with the pins, fliping, rotating, etc.


What do the various pins do? I figured out the red one moves the texture, and the green one rotates it, but i couldn’t determine the function of the blue or yellow ones.

Shear, and distort the bounding box of the texture. If you’re just looking to turn wood grain 90° though, the one click rotate button is the easiest.

Hi Lee,

There are two “SketchUp Square One” YouTube videos on their YT channel that talks about applying textures and projecting textures, both really good.

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Start with red for moving the texture, then green to rotate it or stretch it in the U axis (textures face plan is called UV, not XY), then blue to stretch it along the V axis or shear the texture if you snap it off axis, finally yellow that distorts the texture.

This order makes it easier to understand.

All these grips can be used in a second mode where they can be repositioned into different places and then drag around the pons to distort the texture as if they would be corners.

You can use SketchUp geometry and guide lines to drive or snap these grips.

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