Is there any fast way or extension for rotate texture 90 degree?


  1. I am looking for the better way to manually correct wood grain texture direction face by face.
    This is very tedious work I manually do it for many year.

  1. Tip I am currently use to speed up this project is using “SketchUV Mapping Tool”
    It can fix some faces but there are still some face need to be fixed later.

  2. I found one of the most productive tip is using Daiku’s Rotate 90 Extension to rotate object.
    If I can have same kind of keyboard shortcut to rotate texture that would be perfect.
    Is there any possibility ?

(38) SketchUp Rotate object with Keyboard - YouTube

Thank you very much.

If the materials are applied to the faces you can use the native controls to rotate the material 90°. I do that for one face and the next time I need to apply the texture with that orientation I use the eye dropper to sample the rotated material. You can sample a material applied to a face in one component while another component is open for editing.


And if you must use a plugin, fredo’s Thrupaint.


Thank you @DaveR

I re-test eye dropper. It is only help a bit. I still need to copy from face to face.
Also we need to have one correct object to be reference to copy to another.

If we can go to face and just have single keyboard shortcut to rotate it 90 degree without

  1. right click > 2. texture > 3. position > 4. rotate
    It will much more faster !

Also, Eneroth texture positioning tools. You still need to have the target face selected.

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@Box Thanks for sharing.
Fredo Thrupaint may be a good solution.
I can quickly fix all faces at the same time from Rotation window.

It sounds to me as if you are missing something with the native tools but it also sounds like you’d rather use an extension and a couple have been offered so you should have plenty to work with.

I had done this as an example but I did it with only the native tools, not one of the extensions.



You change the way I work forever !
This is exactly what I am looking for. This should be a the fastest way to manage texture direction !
Thank you very much. :smiley:

Glad that works for you. Maybe better said that @eneroth3 changed the way you work. :+1:

It is definitely be good to first learn how to do everything with native tool first.
Like Aaron always demo in SketchUp Live Steam how to model many complex stuff with basic tools without any plugin. However it is also fun to learn how to do thing in different ways. Today already learn 3 technique from 3 people. :slight_smile:

yes. Eneroth3’s work is great. Thank you very much.
I regret that I don’t know this extensions and keep repeat doing same boring thing for so many many years !

Kwin, try s4u paint extension, you won’t even have to double-click to enter the group for editing and rotating materials.

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Thrupaint also works through the wrapper, Probably Eneroths as well.

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Thank you. This extension is maybe even faster without many double click to get inside component.
I will check it out.