How to edit a texture (get it rotated 90 degrees)?


Firstly, I am aware that if I’m inside a group, and if the faces inside the group have testure applied, I can right click, Texture, Position, and use the green pin (rotate) for each face or instance. However, here’s where I’m stalled. You cannot just rotate one face and then use that rotated instance to match and paint other groups.

If I have 200 groups of components with only default texture faces inside, and I hit each one with my texture…they will take the texture on all faces. However, if I have, let’s say a vertical siding material, and I need to edit the texture itself, not just a painted face…but to have the whole texture rotated universally so that it is now horizontal siding…how do we achieve that? I know in Materials, if we Edit a material, we can edit the texture universally using the second icon (under and to the right of the Use Texture Image checkbox.)…and this opens a photo editor of your choice. In my case, on Windows 10, it’s Photos. So you open the jpeg in the editor, rotate it…and then…there’s no SAVE! There’s Save As…but I don’t want to Save As and path it to somewhere new,I want to replace the jpeg related to this scm file. It would be great if, right in the Materials editor, we had “Rotate”…but no such luck.

So…how do we edit a texture universally?


Once you have adjusted a texture of a material [e.g. rotation] that has been used on a face, then you can sample that adjusted material by using the “eyedropper” tool in the Materials Browser: then paint that onto other faces…
The original material has not been affected - just its texture alignment in those cases.

As you say you could make a horizontal and vertical version of a textured material - by editing the texture image of a copy…
Then paint appropriate faces with the right one…

If you make a duplicate textured material [in the Material Browser], then you can edit the image that is used by that texture. In the texture editor [you can set that app as desired in the SketchUp > Preferences,], you can rotate the texture by 90° etc, then when you save it - you can use save_as - and choose the same file name AND thereby choose to overwrite the original file. When you exit the image-editor the associated texture file should update in that material ?


First of all- thanks for all your good work for the community! Use your stuff every day!

So I have tried this method. If I rotate a face, and then sample it…it will be cool to pant another face but not to paint components or groups.

Also doing the image edit, rotate, save as (the same file name and overwriting)- does not seem to work for me. Nothing changes.
The materials editor dialog box should have “Rotate texture: 90/180”.
I have taken to just making new materials as editing is so much of a PITA.


Right click on the face after you paint the texture on it. Choose Texture>Position. Right click again and choose Rotate>90. It can’t get any easier.

Making separate vertical and horizontal textures is a waste of time and causes more problems than it fixes.


Sometimes it’s so difficult to use words…
I don’t think you’re understanding. Yes…if I have an ungrouped face…or if I am working INSIDE a group…the method you describe is appropriate…and couldn’t be simpler…I do it frequently.

However, if I am painting many groups or components which are currently default material…than this does not work. You only affect the face that you are “on”. I need to globally edit the texture such that anything I paint will have the new orientation. So if I have a skm which is vertically oriented, and I wish to have a new material identical to it but HORIZONTALLY oriented with which I can paint 50 groups…how do we achieve that?


Even if I browse, through File Explorer, and get the jpeg…edit/rotate it using Photos or another editor, Save As “Original texture-rotated.jpg”…make a new material with that…it STILL has the old orientation.


In my case I need metal siding…and most jpegs seem to be vertically-oriented.
So if I want’ horizontally-oriented material identical in all respects…THAT’s what I’m after.
I need to globablly be able to paint aroudn 50 separate groups with the material…as a one-clik…not going into every single group and painting all faces manually so that they can be Edited/Texture/Rotate.


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