How to change the Orientaiton of materials using the paint bucket

I have selected a wood siding material and would like to change the direction the material is running in my drawing. Can I do that? If so, how is it done?

Right context click on the face and use the Position Texture Tool

Before trying to position the texture, make sure it is applied to faces in the model and not to group or component wrappers. If you have applied the material to the wrapper, you won’t have the option to change the direction.

Alternatively (if it’s a group or you want all of the same textures to change) you can re-assign the texture image to one that runs the opposite direction.

(Find the image, copy & re-name it, edit and rotate it 90º. Then use the folder icon in the textures to use this texture rather than the existing one… you may have to flip the width/height values manually)

Thank you… I was able to rename it, but I’m unable to figure out how to rotate the image. Can you help?

Sorry - I was unclear: the first section is done outwith SU:

If you click the button beside the folder icon (“Edit image in external editor”) then you can simply rotate it, save it somewhere on your hard drive and then use the folder icon (“Browse”) to find where you put it and load it back in again.

(Edit: if you actually change the image and save it over the top, then the image is automatically updated in SU - but I would strongly advise against this because it will change for every model that ever uses this texture)

Thank you. That worked perfectly!!