How to turn a pattern/texture around


Eventhough there are plenty of solutions out there already answering this question, I still can’t understand the explanations they bring. It should be as easy as clicking and selecting the angle you want to turn it, but thing doesn’t seem that easy.

I obviously want the wood texture to be sideways, but the buttons people talk about isn’t here it.


You need to apply the texture to the faces not to the group wrapper.

When you have applied the texture, you can right click on a single face and choose Texture. If you want to rotate the texture by 90°, right click again and choose Rotate>90°.


I don’t understand what “the group wrapper” is. I am also using Sktchup 2016.


It doesn’t matter which version of SketchUp. This applies to them all.

The “wrapper” is the container that SketchUp puts around the geometry when you make a group or component. Don’t apply textures to the group or component. Open the group or component for editing and apply the texture to the faces inside.


Okay it actually worked. There was a corner for every option, I get that now. Thanks again.