Texture orientation problem, textures facing different directions



I’m making a ship, but the decks sloping has caused the wood texture to go crazy, how can i make them all seamless/aligned and facing the same direction?



Select the ‘wrong’ faces by fence.
Open the Material Browser.
Use the Browser’s eyedropper tool and sample the material from a ‘good’ face then use that to paint the ‘wrong’ faces in one go.
Now all faces should have the textured material aligned as expected ?


Thanks TIG, but it doesn’t do it in one go. I select all the wrong faces and paint bucket, but it only changes a few of them at a time and i have to keep using the eye dropper and then paint bucket over and over again if I want to change all of them, it takes a while and there are still seams. I’m kinda stumped


Does it in one go for me…

Are you following the steps exactly ?


I think it’s because all the wrong faces are each facing different directions to each other, I also have hidden geometry diagonally dissecting each face, could these be affecting it?


Have View > Hidden Geometry ON.
Can you then switch the View mode to Monochrome.
I suspect you have reversed faces ?
Make sure that a ‘good’ face is oriented so you see the front [white is upwards] - context-menu Reverse it if needed.
Then select that face and context-menu to Orient all connected faces, to match that orientation.
Switch the View mode back to Textures.
Select all faces and pick that one ‘good’ face using the eyedropper tool, and immediately paint all of the selected faces in one go.
They should now be correctly textured…


All faces are oriented correctly, the underside is the blue colour.


Actually, TIG, i’m just wondering, I’m using 2015, I’ll just try upgrading and I’ll see if that works.


So it is working !
It’s not version specific…

The ‘seams’ to which you refer are a product of the texture image itself.
It is NOT seamlessly tiling.
Try a timber texture that is designed to tile without noticeable tiling…

Or perhaps try painting it in 5 sets of boards - ‘columns’ ?
Adjust the texture position [context=menu item] in one face in the first set, and eyedropper sample that onto all in that ‘column’ set.
Now adjust the texture position in a face the next column, so it aligns with the previously processed faces, eyedropper and paint all in that column.
Repeat for the remaining columns sets…

It’s hard to tell from what you’ve provided…
Are all of those faces in one plane ?

If so the why are there smoothed/hidden edges dividing it into smaller pieces ?


The hiddeen edges are divided into smaller pieces because the deck is curved/cambered to allow rain water to run off. Unfortunately it means that those seams I showed you are unlikely to be corrected very easily as they won’t align with the next set column due to the altered angle.


There is a solution !

Select one good face and context-menu > Tetxure > Projected checked.
Now Select all faces.
Use the eyedropper on the ‘projected’ face.
Paint all selected faces with the projected material.
It should then work over all faces ?

Here I’ve exaggerated the changes of plane to show the effect…


Wow TIG, that seems to have solved the issue entirely :slight_smile: Thankyou!


Happy to help.
Until your last post or two I hadn’t realized the sloping surfaces, so the projected texture then seemed the obvious solution.


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