Newbie question: Textures gone all funky

Let me preface this by saying I know pretty much nothing about SketchUp.
I dabble in interior design and use a program called Home Designer (Chief Architect) to create my renderings.
I have downloaded and successfully imported several models from the 3D Warehouse into my designs however I sometimes run into problems with the way textures are displayed after importation (the attached image shows one example of what appears to be an ill-fitting texture - sometimes they are more muddled).
I’m stumped by this because the models look perfect in SketchUp. Like I mentioned, it only happens with certain models though how do I correct this apparent problem when everything looks fine in SketchUp?
Before I spend hours trying to work it out I thought I’d first ask here to see if anyone else has experienced similar issues and/or knows how to resolve the problem. I posted this question over on the Home Designer forum though was told I’d be better off asking here.
Thanks so much.

See (in SketchUp) if all front faces are oriented outward. This may cause problems in other programs while textures do look right in SketchUp.
(select the face style ‘Monochrome’ to see only front and back face colors, no textures)

Although, to be honest, I suspect it could very well be something else from looking at the complete front image on the front face. As if it hasn’t been corrected/positioned yet. But then you better upload the SketchUp model or a link to where it could be found in 3D Warehouse.

My first reaction was the same, reversed faces, but then as Wo3Dan noted there is something wrong with the projection of the texture image.
Looks to me like the Home Designer program isn’t recognising the scaling of the component and the texture.
I may be wrong but it looks like a rendering issue rather than a modelling issue. ie: go back to them and say why?

I would guess that in the SketchUp model. the front image has been positioned and scaled with the Position Texture tool. The sides seem to be more OK. You could, prior to importing the model to Home Designer (that I know nothing about) try right-clicking on the front face and selecting “Make Unique Texture” from the contextual menu. This would create a new standard texture with all the possible projecting, scaling and distortion effects that have been applied to the front face embedded.


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Thanks for the advice thus far. I’m about to have a better look in SketchUp though for anyone interested here is the link:

Can’t help but think it is somehow related to the actual model rather than a rendering issue in the program itself as most other models do render up fine (that said, I’m happy to take it further with the Home Designer team if need be).
Will see what I can do.

Okay, so I selected “Monochrome” and all faces turned white. How do I know which way they are oriented?

Thanks so much. That seems to have done the trick!

Seems my excitement was premature. Tried making unique textures with a different muddled up model and now it looks even worse! Will have to keep trying (and learning).

I’m able to reproduce the affect in SU by resetting the textures.
So it looks to me like the other software is choosing to see the texture at it’s original size and is ignoring the scaling that has been done in SU. Your image from Home Designer looks like it isn’t even recognising the geometry of the doors and has treated it all as one face.
I don’t have a solution for you.