Textures not exporting

I searched here first, and saw some references to textures not exporting correctly if the faces aren’t correctly oriented, but I can’t figure out how to check that. I found the monochrome option in the view menu, but I can’t figure out how to tell which face is which since they are all textured. When I try to export, (to dae, stl, fbx, gltf or obj) i get either an untextured object or a couple faint colors but not the actual textures. Any advice is welcome, as are any questions needed to clarify.

If you select the Monochrome faces style textures will not be displayed. With the default styles the back faces will be blue and front faces white.

Sharing the .skp file with us would help us help you.

Exporting to which format?

I have tried export to: dae, stl, fbx, gltf or obj

I’ll also attach the file

Mayfield Site Layout.skp (5.9 MB)

This is Monochrome face style. Lots of blue back faces exposed.

Before you worry about exporting anything you should spend some time learning to use SketchUp properly. Get all of the faces correctly oriented before you start applying textures. All of your geometry is loose. You should be using groups and components to keep object separate.

When you export the .dae file are you also getting a folder with the textures in it? I do.
Screenshot - 2_3_2022 , 10_04_22 AM

The contents of the folder:

How are you using the file once you get it out of SketchUp?

We were trying to import into Blender to clean up and build a VR scene, but Blender was just to prepare to import to Unity, so if there’s a better way to go from Sketchup to unity I would love the tip. I just recently found and figured out the “make Component” function partway through this model, so only porch rail slats and AC outlets are components so far. Unfortunately I taught myself Sketchup just by direct use/trial and error for personal use long before I needed it for a business use case. That’s why I didn’t even realize before now that the faces even had the capacity to BE aligned. I never needed to export or share my models with anyone so I never noticed. Do I need to close the doorways off to “Align Faces” from the inside of each room?
Also, so I can start using components more appropriately, what in this model would you consider/do as components aside from AC outlets, network outlets, and HVAC vents?

Also, thank you for the screenshots, now I can figure out how to see the same thing and that should help figure out which are still reversed as I flip them;)

Components I have figured out how to use recently, but Groups is still something I’ll need to learn. Are components and groups what you referred to by the geometry being loose, or is that a third problem?
Other than monochrome view, is there a way to remove all textures to correctly orient faces first, or is that irrelevant at this point for this model?
I do get the folder of textures, which is why I thought it would probably be a face alignment issue for the versions that do open in partial color.

It would be worth taking some time to go through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com It would make your work easier.

No. If you start with a rectangle that has the back face up and outline the walls before extruding them, the walls will be inside out. Blue faces out. (The changed the behavior mid way through 2021 so that when drawing a shape on the ground plane so the white front face is up. I’m guessing you started this model before that update or haven’t updated.) If you extrude the rectangle first to give it thickness, then the walls will have the right orientation. Or you can reight click on the ble faces and choose Reverse Faces to correct them. Whatever way you choose to deal with face orientation, make sure you do that before you start adding textures so you aren’t masking potential problems.

I would suggest making anything you don’t want to to stick to something else a component or a group (an object). In your model I would make the ground an object (group or component), I might make the floor an object, then the walls. Cabinets and other furniture would be components, and so on.

Groups are a special type of component. When you make a group you don’t get prompted to give it a name although you can do so. When you edit a group only that group reflects the editing. With components editing one instance results in all of them being edited.

The loose geometry is the ungrouped stuff. Making a group or component is like putting the selection inside a clear container. You can see it but it cannot be modified without first opening the container. And other geometry won’t stick to the geomtry inside the group or component container.

Missed this one initially. The only other way to display the faces without materials and show the front/back color would be to remove the materials from the faces altogether. You could use Material Tools from the Extension Warehouse to remove all back face materials. That would help.

I have been exporting as Collada, and importing the DAE and folder of materials into Unity. That has been working well. In the export options you should choose the two sided faces option.

In Unity, select the DAE asset and set the scaling to 0.04, and check the generate colliders box, then click Apply.

One other question I forgot to ask that I saw a reference to somewhere in these forums - how would I change the default back face texture? I like the idea of setting the default to something like neon pink that will stand out distinctly so I can know to never texture that color. Also, is it possible to do that change on this model as well? Perhaps with the same Material Tools extension?

You can change the color of the back faces by editing the style. Select the In Model style, click on the Edit tab, then the second little cube button for Face editing. Click on the blue square to the right of the Back color and change it as desired. I use a green I’d probably never use as a material color for mine but some folks like magenta or other bright, annoying colors so they will remember to correct exposed back faces when they occur.

After you edit the style click on the large thumbnail to update it.

Do this in your default template and save it as a new template so you don’t need to make the change every time you start a new file.

Screenshot - 2_4_2022 , 9_37_37 AM

I think I’ve corrected all the face orientation issues, and exporting as collada/dae and importing to unity is bringing the majority of the model and some of the textures(the color only, not the image-based), but it’s still way off. Can you see anything other than grouping/components that I can/need to do?

Mayfield Site Layout.skp (5.8 MB)

Yeah. At least most of the faces are correct. Missing the face for the top of the walls. Most of the geometry is still ungrouped.

Might be worth checking with the Unity folks to see if they can help you sort out why it’s not importing as you expect.

Are you aware that Blender can import .skp directly with an add-on? It worked with 2021, I do not know if it works with 2022. There is more than one add-on. some of them do not import anything with 2021 and up.