Why do this model textures not export? (FINALLY SOLVED)

I am totally stunned

BOX OF COOKIES textures not exporting.skp (1.8 MB)

What format are you exporting to?

I think the main problem might be that many of the faces are reversed and you’ve in fact textured the back faces. Turn on monochrome view style to see the default face colours.


Sorry, I was actually in a haste to quickly do something else. I have exported it as .obj as I always do. In Bryce, only the left side of the box, with text on, exported texture. The rest turns up only grey.

EDIT: Yes, that seems to be the problem. Monochrome view show blue and white for part where texture worked.

I’m kind of stunned that you have all those faces reversed in your model. This has been covered in your other threads already. The different face orientations are causing the problem.

You know why, I am just too tired to think properly and now making mistakes!

I think the problem is the reversed faces then, as the left side does have correct face orientation and part of the flap on the opposite side.

Turn on monochrome, right click a white face and select “orient faces” from the context menu. You will have to redo the texturing on the correctly orientated faces.

I mentioned this to you another time about face orientation. Its best to model in a monochrome view style and correct the orientation as you go. That way you don’t have to worry about going back over things when this kind of thing pops up. I don’t get how those ended up like that though.

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Thank you for replying. I will from now on remember the monochrome view. I was just not thinking straight as I have too much on my brain and not concentrating on what I was actually doing. I thought if the face is showing white (not blue) it will work but clearly in this case I was mistaken.

When I reversed faces, it seems white and not blue. My eyesight let me down. As suggested here, I need to rather look in monochrome view to check.

Front faces are white. If you have a difficult time discerning the blue back face color from the white front faces, edit your templates’s default style and change it to something you can see. Some people use Magenta. I use a green that I’d not normally use in modeling. Working in Monochrome face style is definitely recommended while modeling. It helps to delay application of textures and materials until after you know the geometry is right, too.


Thank you for this tip. Appreciate all of your help!

Once again, thank you for your help yesterday. I have redone the textures with ‘Monochrome View’ set the whole procedure through. This time every part of the box exported textures nicely! :relieved::relieved: