Model has distorted texture when importing into rendering program

I wasn’t sure if I should post this in technical issues as I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I’m missing something obvious.

I downloaded a vanity model I found in sketchup 3D warehouse. I imported it into homestyler, which is a 3D design website. When I render 3D images, the right door on the vanity renders as a different texture even though it’s supposed to be 1 texture.

I tried editing it in sketchup web by deleting that door/copying the left door & changing that door to the default material. I don’t know if the issue is with homestyler or sketchup but I’m starting here to see if anyone might know what the issue is. Here is a picture of what I’m referring to

Any help is appreciated, thank you

What rendering program?

Are the faces correctly oriented?

As mentioned in the post, the rendering program is Homestyler.

I’m very inexperienced with sketchup so when you ask if the faces are oriented, I don’t know what that means nor how to check.

In SketchUp change the Face Style to Monochrome. Do you see exposed blue back faces?

You could share the .skp file with us so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Which version of Sketchup are you using? Your profile says 2019 Free(Web) which doesn’t exist.

I don’t know how to change the face style. Here is the file
idl (1).skp (7.7 MB)

I’m using the the free web version, as for the year, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what the differences are.

You would need to change the style in the Styles panel, then. The back face color is blue. At least in the model you uploaded your faces are correctly oriented.

There isn’t anything obvious in your model that would cause this although it would be a good idea if you were applying the materials to the faces and not the component containers.

What method are you using to get from SketchUp to Homestyler?

You might want to try contacting the Homestyler people to see if they have a solution.

The only thing I need to do to get the model into homestyler is to upload it. I’m not using the material that’s currently on the model.

The thing that I find odd is that the distortion is only on the right cabinet door and nowhere else. If the back of the door is blue than maybe it’s somehow peeking through the material that I apply to it.

How exactly did you find out that the back face is blue? If I click the back of the door I don’t see anything that says it’s blue. Is it only on the right door or is it on both?

I was planning on contacting homestyler but they probably won’t be much help. When people have issues with their imported models, homestyler usually advises them to check/fix some kind of setting in 3Ds Max.

I find that odd, too. I don’t see anything wrong with the group that is different from the other objects in the model.

It’s not the back face of the panel that is blue. Faces in SketchUp have a front and a back. In the normal style like you are using, the front faces are while (or light gray) and the back side of the faces are blue. I drew a rectangle on the ground plane to show that back face color. Your model doesn’t have that problem.

As far as Homestyler, if you tell them you aren’t using 3DS Max maybe they’ll have some help for you.

Is this just a project for fun? Do you have to use Homestyler? Maybe there’s a different approach you could use.

I’ll ask homestyler for help, I just doubt they’ll be able to.

No, I don’t use homestyler nor sketchup for fun. I’m doing this project for a client. I’ve been looking for alternatives to homestyler but the alternatives I’ve found either don’t run well, have poor quality renders, or aren’t free. The main thing I like about about homestyler is the fact that the customization options are vast. From what I can tell, coohom (another design program) is very similar to homestyler but it runs very poorly for me. I move one thing and it take 5 minutes for it catch up.

You need to be using a different version of SketchUp then. SketchUp Free is not for commercial use so you are violating the terms of use you agreed to. At least you need to be using SketchUp Shop but if you were using SketchUp Pro you would have many more options for rendering.

I guess I’ll have to find an alternative to sketchup then. I don’t mind paying for programs but I literally can’t afford it. Thanks for trying to help.

Technically you can download assets from 3D Warehouse via browser and upload those to Homestyler without using Sketchup at all. The 3D Warehouse TOS is agnostic about whether downloaded models can be used for business as far as I can tell (obviously they are in practice, but usually by paid SketchUp subscribers).

Nothing really appears to be at issue with the door in the model (though your file has a second vanity on hidden tags made out of one leg and a lot of dimensions). If other models don’t reproduce this same rendering error, I would still put the texture error here as likely down to homestyler just because the door rendering weirdly is not different from any other part of the model.

I’m often looking for something specific when I use use sketchup models so I usually have to edit the model in some way. This vanity model was slightly edited, nothing major, I just took some extra trim pieces off the sides to make the panels flat. I didn’t touch anything else.

“though your file has a second vanity on hidden tags made out of one leg and a lot of dimensions” What do you mean?

I wouldn’t be completely surprised if the error was on homestyler’s side. When they updated to a new version, bugs became rampant.

With all the tags turned on, your model looks like this.

Evidently the author of the model left a bunch of stuff in there.

Clearly if you are going to use models from the 3D Warehouse you’ll need to use SketchUp to clean them up as well as make the desired modifications. I cleaned up yours and got rid of this stuff.

Screenshot - 12_30_2020 , 4_43_27 PM

Which reduced the file size by nearly 72%.

As for affording SketchUp, you ought to be passing the cost on to your clients.

I charge dirt cheap prices for these projects and this isn’t consistent work. I’m not a professional by any means. I’m just some random that started doing 3D visualizations. I don’t exactly plan on making a career out of this, it’s more of a side gig.

You might want to consider looking for something else to use for your 3D modeling. I’ve heard that some people like Blender. Maybe that’s an option for you.

Yeah, as previously mentioned, I might have to look for an alternative. I looked into using blender for personal use years ago and even though it’s marketed as beginner friendly, I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, plus trying to find models that are actually compatible with homestyler can be a challenge.

‘Oh it’s just a a side gig and I don’t charge much so I shouldn’t have to pay for the software.’

Every professional out there struggling to make a living in these difficult times has you to thank for stealing yet more work from them.

I did not say I shouldn’t have to pay for the software. If I had the money, I would gladly pay for it. I stated that I don’t charge much because someone suggested that the clients pay for the software. I don’t make enough money from this in order to pay for the software.

Also, A LOT of people are struggling.

So you shouldn’t be doing this. Fundamentally you are selling stolen goods and saying that if you paid for it you couldn’t be selling it for profit. As your living isn’t depending on this you should stop doing it.