Export Issue with textures and meshes

Hi, I was exporting a building I’m making to preview it in Blender/SimLab and anywhere I open it only a few textures are showing up, and furthermore they are only showing up on specific spots.

Here’s a bunch of images of it in SketchUp and other 3D programs.
Note how only like 3 random stairs are being textured. Same problem with just random walls being textured. I can see it is separating all these things into separate meshes but I have no idea why.

I’ve tried all the export methods and I have selected export textures. Any help is appreciated

12roomapartment.skp (791.6 KB)

I can’t look at your model but I’m going to guess it is due to reversed faces.
Look at your model in Monochrome, you should only see white faces. Any blue faces are reversed.

Man you right thank you so much for the quick reply I was so lost lol