[Sweet Home 3D] Problem with rendering



Hi, I need help , I installed plugin Photo Video Rendering Plugin from Sweet Home 3D sites and installed to Sweet Home 3D 5.4, but rendering of tiles is strange. I enclosed link to sketchup model and also screenshot of rendered model. Any help please or should I use better rendering program? Thanks a lot.



The first thing I notice is that your faces aren’t oriented. Any faces facing the wrong way are not recognized by rendering software.


You didn’t fix the model yet?


Time spent on searching a better rendering program could be better invested in learning to model efficient in SkechUp ( or other programs ) Most render-programs won’t render the back-faces, because this would double the render time. Time is valuable, don’t waste it!


Hi, I corrected reversed faces but anyway it renders strange shadows under shelves and cannt see tiles.
I enclose mode on 3D warehouse and enclosed rendered model in Sweet Home 3D . Now I dont realy know, where I did mistake. Please for help or show me where is mistake. Thanks a lot.

Sweet Home 3D rendered model:

Sketchup model screenshot:


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