Rendering nonsense

Hi all!

Guys please advice, what could be this, Indigo Renderer rendering from SketchUp something different then it looks in model, exactly:

The glasen roof is moved, please see:

…it does not make any sense to me (…and tried more times, differently…)

I’ll be thankful for any good advice, pls help guys, cheers, Lenka

FoodularModul1.28.3…skp (4.1 MB)

I see problems with reversed faces in your model but as far as the displaced panels, I think that’s a question for the Indigo Renderer folks. I get this in a quick render with Kerkythea. I didn’t bother to set the materials up because that part is unimportant for the question at hand.

FWIW, your model is still pretty rough and not much improved from your previous post about it.


Thanks a lot, Dave!

(Ohhh…after so much effort:D:-/)

Here’s an animation to show what @DaveR mentioned about reversed faces. To generate this, I set the back face color to a neon green and set the rendering style to monochrome. There is also an issue with two faces at the same location causing z-fighting that I wave the cursor over near the end.



That’ s great explanation, thanks a lot! I am gonna to try like this now…