Vray render black objects


Hey guys,

i have some trouble with rendering in sketchup when i render some materials looks black like in shadow but they are not in shadow can somebody please help me thank you.

Note: it never happened to me yet this is first time.



Hard to tell without seeing your SketchUp model but as a guess, those faces are probably reversed in the model. Correct the face orientation and they’ll render correctly.


Check the face orientation of your model.
Look at it in Monochrome (View/Face Style/Monochrome) it should all be white. If you are seeing blue/grey faces then they are reversed and many renderers wont see them.


Thank you let me try and say if it not work i will sent screens of projects


Not work guys still black


And monochrome looks liek this


You do have reversed faces and those show up as black in your render. There’s something else going on, too.

How did you get two identical bottles but one has all its faces reversed?


Ive copied it select and reverse all faces just tryed. What i should do you think man ?


Correct the other reversed faces in the model. As far as what else you need to do, I can’t say. We can spend all day going back and forth trying to diagnose the problem but that’s a waste of your time and mine. Share the SKP file and you’ll be able to get some help in a much shorter period of time.


In Monochrome mode the faces showing the back-face material show you what is wrong.
The bottle and wall-panels - for example.
These also render ‘black’ as do all ‘back-faces’ in this renderer - even when they have materials applied onto them…
Perhaps if you opened your Style manager dialog and changed the back-face material of blue-gray to be magenta, then the problem objects / faces would jump out at more, and you’d fix them…


Not work… if i share my skp file are you able to help me ?


Look theese washbasin are exactly same groups and on the left is normal and on right is black wtf ?


If these objects are groups rather than instances of the same component then editing one of them will NOT change the other one.
If you have used make unique on a component that also separates it from its sibling, so you need to edit both, or replace one with the edited version.

You rendered image clearly shows several object/faces which have ‘black’ reversed faces…
As said before, use Monochrome mode, and make sure your Style’s back-face material’s color is very obvious - e…g magenta - then you need to methodically edit each ‘faulty’ object in turn.
You need to use the Outliner to access ALL nested parts [groups or components], and use the context-menu to ‘reverse’ the faces which are ‘backwards’.
You should eventually see NO ‘magenta’ at all.
You might need to reapply the materials to the now fixed faces [use Textured mode momentarily] as the previous unseen front that has now been made visible might now be untextured or have a material different from your desires…


Yes, you will definitely get better help if you share your file with us.

If your skp is 3MB or smaller, you can upload it in a reply on this forum using this button at the top of the reply window:

If it is larger, you will need to put it on a file sharing server and post a link to it here. You can use the Trimble 3D Warehouse for this purpose if you like.


I just cghanged textures to similar and it work :smiley:



Much improved…

But, there are still a few ‘black’ objects in the render.
e.g. the window-blind’s pull, the drawers’ handles, perhaps the base of the ‘box’ between the whb’s etc…


Yes thank you ! :smiley: :smiley:


mine keeps showing black could someone help me


Did you read through this thread?

The problem the original posted had was that faces are reversed in the model. Is that your problem?


Thank you ! Huge help