Renders turning to black in Lumion

I am currently importing my sketchup models into lumion to create renders. My renders are fading to black when I hit render. While the sky is remaining lit. I have never seen this before. I think the sketchup models are corrupt in some way. I created the models on two separate computers here in the office. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue before. And how they fixed it if it is possible. I am trying to get these renders out ASAP and I am getting a little flustered.


Are the faces in the model oriented correctly?

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I have not oriented any faces. I just modeled and it is the way it is now. Is there any quick way to do this. I have multiple groups inside other groups so I dont know the quick way to check.

Correct face orientation is very important so you need to get it right. Go to View>Face Style and select Monochrome. Are the faces of the model blue or white? If they are blue, you’ll need to reverse them and repaint them.

If you can share the model, I can tell you exactly what you need to do.

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This is weird because I have been doing this work flow for years now and never ran into this issue. I cannot share the file because they are all over the 5 mb.

I resolved the issue. I had brought in a faulty model from the sketchup warehouse. It was a table from the Wayfair collection. So beware of what you bring into your scene folks. Thanks Dave. I will definitely start orienting all of my faces on all of my model from now on so this will never happen.

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Pls, post the 3DW url to the model.

Unfortunately textures mask reversed faces so unless you take the time to look in Monochrome, you won’t know that someone else has screwed up the component for you. My advice is to do all modeling in Monochrome. Don’t bother adding textures until the model is complete. And stay on top of reversed faces and correct them as you go. It’s normal for a face drawn on the ground plane to show its back face. The assumption is that your next step is to make it 3D. If you create any 3D shape with exposed back faces, fix them before you move on.

My default template uses a green for the back face color that I’d never use in my models. I find the green easier to discern. Some folks use magenta for their back face color. In any case, I would suggest you make the back face color obnoxious which will encourage you to correct reversed faces right away.


It is this model right here. I opened it up in sketchup and modified in it just a tad before bringing it into lumion. But I am not sure why it screwed up my rendering option in lumion. Turned all of the components black. Now I know not to use it moving forward.

That model needs a lot of help but the face orientation is actually correct. You can see the back face color i use in my default style through the holes in the legs.

That’s not to say something may have happened to it in your process of modifying it.

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I truly believe the models created from wayfair are just to good to be true. I will not use them anymore. And if I have to I will make sure that there is nothing wrong with them when bringing them into lumion.

Thank you for all of the assistance on this issue. I am glad I figured this out because it could have ruined the entire project and model.

My suggestion if you do use content from the Warehouse is to import it first into a separate file so you can go over it to make sure it is good. Fix it if needed before copying it into the model. At least for my needs, I usually find it easier and faster to draw my own components than fixing the work of someone else.

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Thank you for the insight. I have been modeling as much stuff as I can. Saving them in a separate file and then brining them into various projects. It works out very nice. For example modeling a custom outdoor kitchen. I can adjust them to fit new projects and I know that there is nothing wrong with the file. Plus each client will get the custom treatment that they deserve. It is very fun learning how to get the best product possible.

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