Rendering issue - black areas



Fairy new to the rendering part of Sketchup. Have been watching some tutorials of lighting but cannot get my head around what is wrong. I have an indoor environment. I have put direct lighting on the area that turns out black, but I cannot get it to light up. It has the same material as the ceiling that works fine. What am I doing wrong?



Maybe reversed faces in the model?


Good go to answer given I think I see this same topic posted once a week :wink:


How would I know if it is reversed? :see_no_evil:


Change face style to ‘Monochrome’ and right-click and select ‘Reverse Faces’ on all blue faces.


Thanks a lot, that did the trick :slight_smile:


Another perfect example for all those people who say “why should I bother keeping the faces correctly orientated, it doesn’t affect anything.”


True. Only models that will never, ever be used in applications other than SketchUp (including rendering plugins) can ignore face orientation.