Rendering issue - black areas

Fairy new to the rendering part of Sketchup. Have been watching some tutorials of lighting but cannot get my head around what is wrong. I have an indoor environment. I have put direct lighting on the area that turns out black, but I cannot get it to light up. It has the same material as the ceiling that works fine. What am I doing wrong?


Maybe reversed faces in the model?

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Good go to answer given I think I see this same topic posted once a week :wink:

How would I know if it is reversed? :see_no_evil:

Change face style to ‘Monochrome’ and right-click and select ‘Reverse Faces’ on all blue faces.

Thanks a lot, that did the trick :slight_smile:

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Another perfect example for all those people who say “why should I bother keeping the faces correctly orientated, it doesn’t affect anything.”

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True. Only models that will never, ever be used in applications other than SketchUp (including rendering plugins) can ignore face orientation.