Black faces in V-ray (or other renderers)?



I just began using v-ray with Sketchup Make and so far so good! Although i am struggling with the water… Every time i render a scene with water in it, the water appears black? (i’ll add a picture so you can see what i mean)

I’m just a beginner so i don’t understand all the settings and stuff…
Please help me out!
(By the way, i’m using the Sketchup Make version 15.1.104 on a OS X Yosemite iMac)


Is the face on the water reversed in the SketchUp model? How about posting the SKP file or at least a screen shot from SU with the face style set to Monochrome?


Hey, thanks for replying!
I cant upload the whole file because of the size. But i’ve made a screenshot of the monochrome face style:


All the blue faces are back faces. You need to correct their orientation. It should be white faces out all around.


Okay! Just one last question: how do i correct their orientation…


Right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.


Thank you so much!


Adding to Dave’s advice - also make sure you remove materials from back faces. Having them there is something you want to avoid. Always apply materials and textures to the front face. To remove the texture from the back face, select it and paint it with the default paint colour. :slight_smile: Here:


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