Vray: Pictures in model turns white after rendering PIC



I just started using V-ray to rendder my model. Using SketchUp 2017.

I have a logo/picture that I imported into the model to look like it was on the rock there. The forestline I use as the backgrouynd is having the same issue. When I go to render, everything looks great except those two areas. I assume it has something to do with both the areas are picturews with an “invisiable background”, if that makes sense… How do I solve this? Can I bypass them during rendering?



Are the faces reversed in SketchUp?


No because the text has to face this way. :confused:


Show us a screen shot from the SketchUp file with the face style set to Monochrome. Or better, upload the SketchUp file.


Sorry Im a bit of a newbie on this. How do I set it to Monnochrome? Do you think the probelm could be that the image I imported is a .jpg?


Go to View>Face Style and select Monochrome.

It could be. Did you use the imported image as a texture or as just an image?



I imported it as an image. The treed background does the same thing as soon as I try to use one of vrays materials anywhere in the model.