White block appears when I tried to render with vray

White blocks appears when I tried to render a section with vray, it only shows up on certain area. How can I fix this?


Check to see that faces aren’t reversed in the model.

Hi! Thank you so much for helping me. So my model looks like this! So I am not sure what to do and I think they are not reversed.


You need to set the Face Style to Monochrome to see the face orientation.

Probably the best thing to do is upload the .skp file so we can check it out and see what you have going on.

Thank you so much! I tried to upload but fail, probably because my file is too big. But I managed to sorted it by creating a translucent face at the front.

How did you solve this issue? The same is happening to me and I cant seem to find a solution. Any help would be great!