Help using SketchUp to Render Section with Vray

I have a sketchup model (2020 version) and am trying to create a sectional perspective using Vray. When I cut a section, on sketchUp it looks fine but my renders are not coming out right. I’ve attached pictures.

Please could someone advise me on what to do. I have the latest version of Vray.

Check the faces orientation, with white outwards.

I reversed faces but it still is the same :frowning:

uncheck View > Section Cuts
set View > Face Style > Monochrome
Now take a screenshot of the model and show it here.

Normally, if all the faces in the model are correctly oriented, with white facing outwards, and the geometry is grouped (walls, floors, etc.), you should be able to render a section without problems.

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I see what you mean! But now how can I change it? because it seems like every face is the other way. Is there an easy solution? Thank you so much for helping me!

Do I have to select each face individually and reverse it? I was watching tutorials and previous versions of sketchup had “scan model” but I don’t think the 2020 version does.

Most of the faces in your model are blue to exterior, meaning incorrectly oriented. All faces must be correctly oriented, with white facing outwards!

Is there an easy fix?

There are also some extensions you could try.

Normally you have to learn to model correctly, including taking into account the way faces are oriented.

I have fixed my faces but it seems to have made no difference. Any other suggestions?

I don’t know if it matters, but does your SketchUp Style have Section Cut Fills turned on? Or if V-ray has an equivalent setting. Something seems to be filling your section cuts and causing solid and void to be interpreted in a whimsical manner. Are the wall faces in the ground floor rooms oriented the right way (front side towards the interior space)? If what we see in the facade continues inside, they might not.

I encountered this type of rendering error in most cases when the faces were incorrectly oriented, and sometimes when the geometry was not grouped correctly.
Are you sure you have oriented the faces correctly for both the outside and the inside of the building?
Did you make groups for the elements of the building: walls, floors, windows, etc …?