Urgent! sketchup rendering problem



Hi guys, I am using Sketchup 2018 pro, recently I got the rendering problem but the vray running properly , however, it seems it can not render sectional perspective, see the captured photos of origin SketchUp model and render the result , hope anyone can help me please, Thank you


It looks like it’s rendering the section cut well in certain areas, but has errors in others. This leads me to think it might be a modeling error. Are your faces oriented outwards? In the default faces style, all exterior faces should be white & all interior faces should be blue. When you don’t orient faces sometimes it will reverse stuff. And the rooms with the error have a sorta inverted section cut.


so what can I do?


Go back into your skp file and reverse all faces with the blue side showing so that the white side faces out. It may be tedious to do each face separately so select a face having the correct orientation, context (right) click and then select orient faces.


Use the clipping version in V-Ray, it will not use the SketchUp sections:


You can also use solid inspector² to orient the faces.


SketchUp sections are also working in Vray 3


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