Vray 5.2 Sketchup 2019 Section/Clipper issue

I have been trying to render a scene on Vray 5.2 on sketchup 2019. The section plane/clipper in the geometry section is not working properly. I have unticked the ‘Affect light’ box and yet The render lets the environment lights in the render. I have tried tweaking my camera angles and field of view in different ways. But nothing seems to work for me. attached it the image of the render. Can someone please help with this?

Do you have all the geometry grouped by elements? Does it have faces correctly oriented, with white facing outwards?

Hi Mihai! Thanks for the reply.
I have all my geometry grouped by which I mean, there are no stray faces/line, Everything is grouped up.
But I am unaware if it matters if I have all white faces facing outward. Could that be an issue?

Of course it matters if you have correctly oriented faces. It matters when you render, it matters when you export to another format for other software, it matters when you apply textures, when you change geometry, etc…


Just read the topics in section V-Ray for SketchUp - V-Ray for SketchUp - SketchUp Community
and you’ll see a lot of problems created by reversed faces and not knowing about them.

Just an example: Vray creating a Phantom face on section cut - #5 by AndrewRubySketch


try changing the rendering engine to CPU