Having trouble rendering a section cut through vray in SketchUp

Hi there,

When I try and render a section cut in sketch with vray a weird white shape comes up each time, does anyone know how to avoid this coming up in the render?

Thanks in advance!

continued… this is what it normally looks like before I press render

You can upload the model for easier helping. Have you moved the section cut away from the outer wall? GPU or CPU? Sectioncut or Clipper?

Is the section cut coincident with the wall face? Is Section Fill on or off in your style?

section fill is on. and where the section cuts is not on a wall there is void space as seen in my reply photo

yes the section cut is away from the wall and I used command ‘y’ to make the section plane in sketch up but I checked the section plane in asset editor vray and clipper is turned on which I think its suppose to?

Check the face orientation.