Section cuts problems

While I’m doing section cuts for view… But why I see the wall on the up side… Plz share the solutions

V-Ray does not display native section cuts, use the V-Ray Mesh Clipper

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It’s active but still

You need to tell us a bit more what the actual problem is.
Now it’s just guessing.

Is it the tall white section cut fill at the upper end of your model?
Best is you share the model itself instead of an image.
My guess is you have a section cut fill of a basic loop of edges, but I might be wrong.

I’ll send my model

@priyankababe123, I can’t find your protected file.

Just check it now

im not able to upload the model

either set the google drive file sharing option to ‘Anyone that has a link’
or use WeTransfer
or Trimble Connect
or dropbox

Your uploaded model seems to be a different model than what is shown in the image in your first post.

I disabled all tags but “Untagged”, the active tag (as should) and nothing changed as for visible geometry.
Also I see tags with names from different languages (as muren, meubelen, Dutch names). So my guess is you grabbed all sorts of stuff fron 3D Warehouse. To me it seems that your 80 Mb+ model isn’t well organized. I still don’t know what you are looking for from your original question. Not with this model.

That happens when I render section in perspective view using vray

Check this video to see the difference between using native section cuts and the mesh clipper in V-Ray

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Those artifacts that appear in rendering are probably related to multiple modeling errors:

Normally all these modeling and working errors should be corrected and only then move to rendering.

If you still want to continue with what you have at the moment, you could render and get rid of those artifacts if you change a setting (but you will lose the texture of the section)

And in general, as MikeWayzovski has already shown you, it’s a good idea to use Mesh Clipper for rendering sections in V-ray.

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Ok thanks

If you add the section plane inside a group, it affects only that group…

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I also has a problem with a section render.
Maybe some of you have had a similar problem and was able to find a solution - I cannot unfortunately :confused: so I’d be grateful for any advice.
I’ve got this problem every time I try to render any bathroom using section. I set up properties (do not affect light; camera rays only, etc.), despite of that I can see some kind of reflection stains (?) as seen below.

Render in progress



And the jpg below shows how the prepared scene looked like.

Hi @KateB - Did you solve your problem? If so, can you post the solution for others? If not, can you also post your model (via file share: google drive, dropbox, etc) so one of us can take a closer look?

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Hi eric-s, thank you very much for the replay. I haven’t solved it yet unfortunately. The model can be downloaded here ->
In this case there are two mirrors which problably cause the problem, but I noticed that in my case the problem appears when there are “too many” materials with reflection.
Cheers! :slight_smile: