Section cuts issues

If anyone can help with section cut issues I’m having that would be great!

The section cut works fine in the model, but when I render it with Vray, some objects are still appearing

No hidden geometry or objects?

Check the correct orientation of the faces (white outward) and the grouping of all elements (no loose geometry).

I would guess that the section cut has been snapped to that face and V-Ray and SketchUp have marginally different views on whether that face is behind the cut or infront of it.
You might just need to move it in a little more.

Thanks all, so looks like one of the faces was oriented the wrong way. That solves part of it. The objects are grouped and I’ve tried moving the section cut but it’s still leaving them in

No hidden objects or geometry

One or more elements/geometry, maybe even from within the existing groups, can create this problem.

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