Sketchup 2017 Pro and Vray 5 Rendering Help

Hi. I am currently using SketchUp Pro 2017 and Vray 5. I am about to make render section. But its not working. It just render as a whole object, no section at all. In my previous Vray version which is 3.4, its working. I dont know what is the issue. Here is my attachment picture. Perhaps anyone have solution on this? Thanks!

Are all the faces of the model correctly oriented, with the white facing outwards (in Monochrome View)?

Yes, its already white in all faces. However I have notice some of differences. I watched a lot some tutorial in Youtube about Vray 5. Most of them using Sketchup 2018 and above. In Vray geometry tab, in 2017, automatically written as “section plan”, but others is “section”. And also in section toolbars, in Sketchup 2017 only have this 3 button, while 2018 have 4 button. I’ll attach the pic. Do you think maybe Vray 5 not suitable in 2017?

I tested in SketchUp Make 2017 with V-ray 5.10.04, with a correctly created model I could render a section if I used Mesh Clipper and CPU render

In SketchUp 2020 there were no problems rendering either section or Mesh Clipper, in CPU or CUDA.