Section from Sketchup fill in moving to vray

Hi. I am very new to vray but looking to create a section from my sketchup model. However, when I view my section in vray it seems to fill in gaps where it should be open. I have tried to move the section to see if its somehow cutting through a wall but thats not the case. Any tips would be much appreciated and potentially any other rendering softwares that would be easier to achieve a good section would be great. I have tried lumion and enscape as well. With lumion I can’t get parallel projection and I can’t seem to get my sketchup to recognise my enscape free trial. Also is there a way to turn my semi rendered model into a styrofoam type render as I don’t think I have time to learn how to get the renders nice on vray.


Thank you all for your help!

Check your faces orientation, with white outwards.

Hello, how do I do that? I think this is where white surfaces on an unrendered model would face out and blue surfaces in but I am not sure how to do it and what surfaces I should be checking!

The correct orientation of the faces is a basic thing in SketchUp: View > Face Style > Monochrome, and all the faces who are blue, you have to orient them correctly (white outwards)

See if V-ray Asset Editor > Render > Material Override it’s ok for “styrofoam type render”

Ah brilliant thank you! It is starting to work I think. A separate question. Do you know how to have glass be recognised as transparent in monochrome mode just within sketchup?

There isn’t a way. In some cases I have put all my glass on a separate tag and turned that off, mainly to get a “transparent” look to my DWG exports. But in your case I would use a Hidden Line style instead of Monochrome.

Ah not to worry. Thank you for your help!