PLEASE HELP URGENT White strips appearing on my renders! SEE PHOTOS!


Please help, I’ve been using vray for sketchup for almost a year now and have never had this problem before, I don’t know what’s going on, Im rendering an interior scene using sections, everything looks great apart from massive white strips appearing across the scene, it looks like vray isn’t rendering certain areas, this has never happened before, I use pretty basic settings, I don’t change too much, please help I’m so frustrated and need to get this work done for a client and its way too much to try and sort in post production.


hello, from what I’ve noticed, this happens often in vray renderings when you have active section cut(s) and misoriented faces.

Switch to monochrome style (to show front and back faces)


and reverse all back faces you see (greyish-blue ones), especially for the objects that are cut.

tip : you can activate section fill to avoid reversing by mistake back faces that are meant to be back faces.

You might have to re-apply some textures once the front faces are back, but the stripes won’t be ! :wink:

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Me too i have d same issue with you, but i am off the hook !now

Paul.millet THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! Its sorted out the issue, I’m so appreciative! H2ahmed I’m also now off the hook thanks to Paul haha!

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