Vray mirror problem?

Even though ı do settings of mirror material,it looks dark in render. What’s the problem??? Urgent…
-Ior settings are open

You’ve broken a whole load of settings here - it would easier to make a new white material (the diffuse color) - set metalness to 1 and glossiness to 1.

Don’t touch anything else.

Instant mirror.

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Okey, let me try.

Share the .skp file with us. Do you have the face orientation set correctly for the mirror?

Please correct your forum profile. You are not using SketchUp for Schools. That version is a web based version for school children. And the operating system is not 2023. From your screenshot it is clearly some version of Windows.

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Thank you ! fixed.

Black rendered faces are usually because you have inverted normals, that means back faces exposed.