All black Sketchup Vray render

Hi all,
I’m in the process of learning sketchUp and Vray and am in need of some major help. My sketchUp model is complete and I’m trying to get my render done with realistic lighting. I’ve been playing around for days and was able to get it almost where I wanted it and then when I returned thee today, the whole render is black? What could this be?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like a bad material. Have you added any new materials or components between when it rendered fine and turned black? Can you render it with ‘Materials Override’ turned on?

That is very possible. What exactly is a bad material? And how would I find/fix that?

And no, I tried it with materials override on.


It would be a good idea to correct the reversed faces.

Is there a way to do them all at once or will I have to do them individually?

You can go through and select the reversed faces, right click ond choose Reverse Faces from the Context menu. You might have some luck right clicking on a connected correctly oriented face and selecting Orient Faces but it may reverse other faces.

The best thing is to stay on top of face orientation as you model so you don’t have to go back and fix things later. It would also be a good idea if you learn about and use groups and components. Pretty much all of your modeling is one big mass of loose geometry.

Ahh yes, okay thank you

Take a look at your camera position. When I rotate the camera it works but when I try your scene…it doesn’t. Not sure why…no time to dig deeper at the moment.

hrmmmmm, okay I’ll look into that