VRAY Render Element all BLACK

Hi Guys

I justed purchased latest version of vray and so far it worked fine,
Since a week or 2, all my render elements (Mat Id, raw light, raw shadow etc) are just black images.

It is quite problematic, does someone have any ideas ?

(render id, zdepth, reflections still work)

Thank you very much

Hello. Do your materials appear normally in SketchUp? Check your material directories in the V-Ray menus. If they don’t match or if you’ve moved your materials somewhere different in your PC, that can also be the problem.

Hello, thabnk you for your answer,

yes they do, and my render/my denoiser appears perfectly fine… :frowning:

I currently don’t have my V-Ray installed. But try attaching a screenshot of your render. Let me see the problem visually. Is your problem only present in a particular model/file, or is it the same everywhere?

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