Problem in viewport with vray materials

Hi, i’m new here and there are a lot of tihngs that i dont know about rendering.
But here is my problem:
I’m using Vray 3.4 in sketchup 2017, and i load the materials that vray includes in this version, but when i apply the material to the objects (generaly the ones that are transluscent), they appear black in the viewport, and the render too.
I try to reverse the faces in the model, try to switch some options in the config but i cant figure out what the problem is.
I search in the internet and in this forums but don’t find anything.
The only thing that happen to work fine is the reflection on the glasses in the renders, but the object is still black!
Please help, and sorry if i wrote anything wrong, i’m bad at english.


I try creating my own glass material and didn’t work too :c

I use Vray 3.4 with SU17 too. Ive not noticed until your post, but yes most of the transparent materials are showing black. The glass I normally use is the Vray Glass window neutral. This works fine along with a handful of the others but most are black.

May be with asking the question here

I have the same problem I guess. (saw this topic, so didn’t create a new one for it… yet ;-))
Made a movie screencapture of my problem.

Hope that somebody can help us.

nobody ?

Did you ask in the Vray forum?

Nope, somehow I can’t post there…

Why not?

Probably because I don’t have a V-ray License. :innocent:

Pirated software, huh? I suppose you pirated SketchUp Pro, too.

Not pirated, just a trail version…

Trial version of Vray? You should be able to get some assistance. Or at least search the forum. You can’t be the first to have the issue.

Maybe get the license so you can move on.

The V-ray forum is very quiet and can take some time to get an answer which is why so many V-ray users ask on here. I posted something up a month ago and theres only been 2 posts since.

I have opened a new file and used some transparent material. I made some adjustments on the BRDF layer in the materials editor to see if that made a difference and all seems to be working ok. For now anyway.

I think I found a “solution”, the unique difference between rendering a glass material in sketchup 2016 with vray 2.0 and sketchup 2017 with vray 3.4, is that in 3.4 the “fog color” option need to be the whitest to work properly the transparency of the glass…
Hope this help, or at least someone can investigate more about this.

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