Rendering Vray Material not matching model

Hi all,
I recently just updated to Sketchup Pro 2020 and the newest version of Vray and am running into a strange minor issue. (see image attached)

In a nutshell, the materials in the model display one way, and when rendered, rotate 90 degrees.
I’ve checked in the Vray material editor and there is no rotation on the diffuse image file. This material was created from scratch so there was no rotation anywhere in the material. This has also happened in an entirely different model and materials.

Any ideas would help, thanks!

Are all the faces oriented correctly, white face visible?

I’m not sure I understand your question. You can see in the image the images in the foreground of the rendering are rotated from the model view

Hi, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately all that did was flip the black and white tiles. But maybe something similar to this technique could work

The point is, if the faces are reversed in your model, you can have issues with rendering the materials correctly. So if you have back faces up on the floor, you need to reverse them like mihai.s shows. Look at your model in Monochrome face style, you should see only white front faces.

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I was able to sort that out. My comment was that this only flips in one direction. Basically just flipping the white and black tiles to black and white in order…which is not the axis that needs to be flipped. It needs to be rotated. Is there maybe a way to assign a different axis to a given material? or assign an axis to the component?