Materials with text rendering incorrectly


Please note I am new to using vray and rendering in general.

I am rendering a booth design in sketchup and the materials I’ve applied are rendering incorrectly (see photo). The text is reading right to left, or is off-centered. I have already tried grouping and creating components of the walls where the textures are, but it hasn’t helped. Could someone please help?

Thank you in advance!

Is the face orientation reversed where the banner texture is? Can you show us a screen shot of the model with the face style set to monochrome? Uploading the SKP file would be a big help, too.

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the response! I switched to monochrome and saw that these panels were grey, and researched accordingly and discovered that this meant the faces were reversed. I revered the faces in the Sketchup model, and it took care of the issue on 2 of the walls (one on the left, and the larger back wall), but did nothing to help with the wall on the right where the text is “split” (hope that description makes sense). I’ve uploaded my file for you to take a look at, as requested. ESCRS 2019_Design_Final_201909xx.skp (4.6 MB)

Looking forward to your further advisement. Thanks again!

Here is the answer. You applied material on backside.

To fix this, right click on blue face with textures and reverse.