Materials not working properly

Hi everyone,
I was working on making some materials, but stumbled on a problem. The material has bump, displacement, and AO to give it more realism, but, for some reason, it doesn’t work when applied to some faces of the project. I still haven’t found the solution and have no clue what it could be. I’ll attach a photo (left part is working, right part doesn’t show

, only the diffuse).
Thanks in advance.
I’m using Vray.
(Sorry if my writing is a bit confusing, english is not my first language)


What rendering tool are you using ? Vray ? Enscape ? Something else ?

(So somebody that is familiar with it can help you)

Yeah sorry for not saying that, it’s vray

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Show a screen shot of the SketchUp model with face style set to Monochrome.

Hi, thanks for the response, and sorry for the delay. here is the screenshot:

Show the monochrome face style without any groups open for editing.

Thought it didn’t matter, but there you are

It does matter. If the face style is set to Monochrome ALL of the exposed face should be white front faces. It looks like you have exposed back faces that need to be reversed.

Yes, I didn’t flip the faces in the first floor, but it was because they won’t be seen in the render. The ones that matter are the ones on the second and last floor. The render photo I showed on the first comment is from the upper floor

Your first screenshot is practically useless since it provides no context and you haven’t described what’s actually wrong in the image.

Even so you shouldn’t leave exposed back faces in your model.

Ok, so the problem is that I made a v-ray material (with displacement, bump and everything) and it is only noticeable in some faces of the project, reason I still haven’t been able to find. I put in some arrows so it may be more clear, left face is rendered with the propper material, the one on the right isn’t. I checked and they’re supposed to be the same material, but the one on the right only shows an image texture. Here is the photo:

could it be that there is more direct light on one side, while on the other the light is lower and therefore you see the bump and roughness of the material better ?

Well, it seems you are right, when I change the sunlight direction, the roughness seems to be looking better, but the roughness seems to disappear when it gets direct lighting from the sun, even when I lower its intesity. Is there any way to change that?