Having issues with Vray rendering textures

Hello, I am what would be considered a huge Newb. I’ve been having some major issues with getting textures “vray textures not Sketchup textures” to render properly. If you look at the included pictures you’ll see what I mean. I’m guessing I’m missing a critical step somewhere along the lines but I can’t seem to find what.

Thank you

Could you be able to share what it looks like in SketchUp? I just want to see how it is oriented on SketchUp end.

I personally don’t use much of Vray textures as I find some of them do not work as well as I expected. Therefore I usually create them from scratch.

At first glance, the leather seat(?) seems to have a softened edge or non-flat surface, and the material is projected sideways.

Further can be investigated if you can share the model with us.
Also, you may be better off from Vray for Sketchup forums than SketchUp, because not all the people use Vray.

I was able to fix it by splitting the top part in halve from corner to corner. Not sure why that fixed it but it did lol. Thanks anyway