Vray hates my 3d model

Hi! Wondering if anyone can help. Im trying to render a file but a portion of the render doesn’t match the 3D model. :confused: Untitled.skp (1.3 MB)

You need to orient the faces of the elements correctly. White is front, blue is back.

At least three faces of the basement walls must be oriented correctly

And you also have some problems with groups and layers (tags).

Thank you soooo much !!

But what do you mean problems in the tags ?

You’re welcome!

To make your work easier, it is recommended to keep all the raw geometry (edges and faces) Unttaged.
It also makes sense that each element to be a group (or component, as appropriate).

You have the elements ungrouped and with different tags

And of course, the faces to be correctly oriented, with white outwards, especially if you plan to use a render.

I see, my file is pretty hectic! But thanks again ! I really appreciate it !!