I can't export textures from Sketch up

I have built models of houses in sketch up with custom textures (using photographs) on the walls and floors. On my computer when I export it and click the texture maps (.dae is the only option other than a google earth file) usually I can’t see a preview of the model when i click on the file in finder. When I try to import to Unity the walls have no texture. I exported the model to 3D Warehouse and downloaded it to a new sketch up file and tried to export it to Unity again and some of the textures from the program worked in Unity but none of my textures from my own images came through. I don’t really know what to do, I’m an art student using sketch up for my final and my instructor couldn’t figure it out. Please help me figure this out!

The most usual answer to this issue is that you have reversed faces.
If you have not changed the default style, then inside color is light blue, outside color is white.
I can see some outside faces on your model that are showing blue.

Select reversed faces, right-click the mouse on the selection and choose Reverse Faces on the context menu. (You can select multiple faces by holding the CTRL key whilst using the SelectionTool.)

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