SOLVED Problem I need help with in Sketchup? (Textures & Orient Faces?)

I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this question but this is a problem i’ve been having with sketchup. I’ve actually been having this issue with other buildings i downloaded too but I’m just using this one as an example…

Here’s a visual of what’s going on (you’ll have to click it to see the whole thing):

I downloaded a building from 3d warehouse and that is what it looks like with it’s textures in the correct positions (how i want it to look when I export it) in the First picture above.

BUT there’s one issue, the faces aren’t ‘oriented’ correctly, as seen in the second picture.

So i got the faces to ‘orient’ the right way by clicking the option in the Third Picture

But now the problem is with the textures. I knew how to reapply them (i used the eye dropper tool) But they aren’t in the right position as seen in the last picture

Here’s my question: how do I get the textures back in their correct position after orienting the faces in the correct position too?

Please help :heart:

Assuming you applied the textures to faces, not to group or component instances, you can right-click on a face, select Texture…Position from the popup menu. That will allow you to modify the alignment of the texture to the face.

i tried doing that but it was really difficult to get it to align the way it was before orienting the faces. is there a way I could just copy the settings of how the textures where aligned on the face and reapply them that way?

Never mind I figured out how to fix it! I found this plugin that seemed to work: [Plugin] Fix Reversed Face Materials • sketchUcation • 1