Some reason only 1 texture exporting

basehouse.skp (477.7 KB)

here youll find my sketchup project and this is the second time i remade this and still wont export the textures…

Exporting to where? A rendering application? If that’s the case, it’s because nearly every face is reversed in your model. Correct the face orientation and paint the front faces. That should take care of the problem.

This shows the face orientation after reversing the faces.

i was exporting to 3ds

how do i fix the orientation

Select the face and right click. Choose Reverse Faces.

i have no clue how the hell it even got reversed lmfao

Select all reversed faces, right click and choose Reverse faces.

If any are still showing wrong, select one face that’s the right way out then right click and choose Orient faces. If you still have a few wrong ones, select them and Reverse faces again.

As usual, DaveR is quicker on the draw, especially when I’m typing on my phone!

Has to do with the way you drew it. You shouldn’t let a model get that far along with all the faces reversed.

thanks i reversed them and then fixed it and painted it and exported just fine.

I thought it would.


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